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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Look what I can do"!

Last night Josie and mommy slept at Grandma and Nonu's house. We desperately needed a break away from this construction site, or at least mommy did. Also we had to do laundry. We do not have a working washer at the moment. Anyway, while at Grandma's house, Josie pulled herself up 4 times. She sort of did this a couple times about a month ago, but now she is really doing it. You set her down and she pulls herself up in a matter of a couple seconds. Grandma, Nonu, daddy, mommy and adopted Grandma Laurie (across the street) are all very excited. We all had dinner over Grandma Laurie's house tonight, thank goodness!

Here is a picture of Josie standing up in her crib about 1.5 seconds after we put her down for bed tonight. Look how proud she is of herself. We are proud of her as well!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy baby!

We went to the Alehouse for dinner this week. It's one of our top 3 favorite restaurants in Livermore. It was so nice that we sat outside and this way Josie had lots to watch. She enjoys watching people, especially small people. I happened to have my camera on me, which was lucky because Josie and daddy were being silly. Josie's hair stands up pretty much by itself, but daddy was encouraging it to stand up more.

When daddy saw this picture he said to me, "you are still taking pictures of her sleeping"? Sorry, can't help it. I took this picture because her tooshie was in the air and her little ankles crossed. I love that. Josie always ends up in the corner of her crib. Must be a comfort thing,


Monday, April 16, 2007


This weekend Alex and my dad worked their tails off. Saturday Alex finished removing all the cabinets. My friend Sharon and I were the loaders, we loaded all the rubbish (I like that word) into Alex's truck to be taken to the dumps. Alex then started working on the electrical. Saturday, Josie spent most of the day across the street at Grandma Laurie's house. We didn't want her around all the dust. Josie had a great time with Laurie, we are lucky to have such wonderful neighbors who are here for us when we need them. Laurie absolutely adores Josie. Sunday, my dad and Alex finished the electrical AND sheetrocked our kitchen. They worked hard, and I am very appreciative. Also on Sunday, my mom and I worked on the garage. Grandma also took Josie for a walk in that pink car. Below are many pictures of our progress this weekend.

Our new kitchen is completely sheetrocked now, including the pocket door in the picture above.
On a side note: Josie is drooling a ton, we think she is getting 3-4 teeth right now. A top one has definetly poked through, and another bottom one has poked through, leading us to believe that the other top one and bottom one are around the corner. She is constantly putting her tongue over towards the bottom of her mouth where there is no tooth showing yet. So, that's why we think at least 3 or 4 are coming. She hasn't handled it well. Sleeping through the night is a distant memory now, we hope it returns agains someday......SOON!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lots going on here

Josie's First Easter basket. The Easter Bunny brought Josie some really cute books, her first toothbrush, some new cups and a whole bunch of eggs. Josie liked to touch the eggs together to hear them click.

Josie likes it when mommy or daddy look at her through the window or door in her little house. That little house is so cool, it does so much stuff. And when daddy or mommy opens the window it says "up", and then Josie closes it by herself and it says "down". Mommy likes to play with the toy herself.

I, a.k.a, mommy, was packing our kitchen up today and decided to try packing Josie up (sort of). I dragged her around in this box and she loved it. She also sat in this box to watch some of Baby Einstein, it really helped that it contained her and she liked it, allowing me to keep working.

Here are pictures of Alex and my dad unloading our new cabinets. Our new room addition is completely full of our new cabinets. Tomorrow, Alex will start to destuct our old kitchen. If anyone wants to release aggression, come over our house tomorrow afternoon and have at our old cabinets.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A big week!

Last weekend, Josie went to her first branding. That's right, she watched cows get branded. She liked listening to the cows mooing. We have some video of her laughing and squealing at the cows. In this picture is our friend Paul. Most of you have never met Paul, but have heard us mention him many times. Paul is the reason why Alex and I met. If it wasn't for Paul urging Alex to go out on May 6, 2000 to the Crazy Horse Saloon in Chico, Alex wouldn't have been there for me to meet. You can see we owe a lot to Paul! Alex and Paul have been friends since elementary school. Josie likes to examine Paul's bald head.

Today, April 1st, Josie wore jeans for the first time. I never could put her in jeans before because in my opinion (1) they automatically age a baby, which I don't like to do and (2) they don't seem comfortable for a baby to wear when they are just laying around. I probably feel this way because I never thought jeans were very comfortable myself. Now that she is crawling EVERYWHERE, it seemed the appropriate time for jeans. She follows us whereever we go in this house and she is proud to do so. When you turn around and acknowledge her being there, she looks up at you with a great big smile.
Below are a bunch of pictures from today. Josie in jeans, Josie riding in her pink car outside, Josie crawling through her learning toy, Josie sitting on her knees and Josie pulling herself to stand. More than once today she pulled herself up to a standing position. Getting stronger everyday.