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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fun with Nonu & Nonuma on July 4th!

Celebrating Independence Day at Nonu and Nonuma's is always fun! In between dinner and fireworks we all wrestled and played on the floor. The kids all had fun dogpiling and rough housing with Nonu. How cute are Dana's watermelon shoes in the first picture? I couldn't pass those up. These are some of my favorite shots from the day. Obviously I had a hard time choosing.

Watching fireworks with daddy.

Dana was playing peek-a-boo around this pole. You can imagine there were a few comments as to what she might be when she is older. Oh dear.. Anyway, she's such a big girl now, kind of sad, but also kind of cool! She says: please, thank you, here you go. For some reason her favorite words are still MINE and NO!
These cousins love to spend time together, playing, eating and hugging.

Josie on the Plasma Car. Has anyone ridden one of these? I rode it around on Saturday also. It even goes with me on it, these things are pretty cool and Josie likes it alot.

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  • At 10:04 PM, Blogger Marcy said…

    I sat Donovan in one of those cars in a store once. It was way too big for him, but he thought it was pretty cool. Then again, anything that has wheels on it is REALLY COOL to him. ; )

    Really cute pictures. And yeah, it's crazy how grown-up they are already. Donovan blows me away constantly.


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