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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter recap! What a fun day....

Yep....these holidays get better as the girls get a little older. Last Easter, Dana was just a couple weeks old. This Easter they are both participants in an Easter Egg Hunt.

One of my parents neighbor's bunny got out on Easter weekend, and escaped to my parents backyard. After about 15 minutes of the rabbit eluding my dad, Alex and Garrett, the trio managed to capture him. Before returning him to the neighbor, we took some photos. How lucky could we be, getting an up close and personal visit and photo of Dana with the bunny on Easter? Josie pet the rabbit and ran off, obviously not impressed by it too much. But Dana loved petting it.

Rachel, Joey and Josie.

Josie and Joey having a chat while investigating the contents of Josie's purse.

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