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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Holy Cow, where has the time gone?

Josie started preschool today. Of course she didn't make a big deal about us leaving her there, and it also seems she has made a friend already. Here is a photo of her before going to school, and one of her at school.

After picking her up, I found myself getting just a little teary-eyed. She looked so much older to me after I picked her up, is that nuts? She says words like "appointment" now. This morning before school she was pretending to talk to the doctor on the phone and she told me, "I am making you a doctor appointment". WHAT?! She made a little art project at school, and when she showed it to me after school it had a tear in it. She said a boy with an orange shirt ripped it. I looked at the pictures I took of her at school, and look who is sitting next to her. Hmmm...one suspect, a boy with an orange shirt.

Well, another milestone bites the dust. Sigh......