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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February pictures & video!

Dana loves pesto....can you tell by looking at her green face?

My auntie Joanie has been having back problems and since she spends so much time sitting, she has taken up the hobby of crocheting. She made all her nieces scarves, here we are modeling ours. She even made little shorter ones for Josie and Dana. Thanks auntie!

Here is a video of Josie playing hide and seek with her daddy.

Now, a Dana video. I am trying to make up for all the time I haven't posted lately. :)

Dana can say mama, night night, hi, no and one more word that I can't remember. She can also sign "more", although she refuses to do that in this video, but we will capture it at some point. This child WILL be the most photographed 2nd child ever. I have vowed not to slip off as far as documenting her milestones, because as a 3rd child, I know how sad it can be to have not as many pictures or info about you as your ELDERLY sisters. :) She can also wave bye-bye. In this video, she waves backwards, which is weird because in person now she waves the correct way. This video was taken on Feb. 11 though, so perhaps she has already corrected herself. She is quite the copycat. You make a noise, she'll make the same noise. You squeal, she'll squeal. We are having lots of fun with her, so much so, that I have no time to post as much as I used to. Not sure what is up with her weird eye twitching in the video, but I thought the strange faces she was making were funny.

Dana in her pink car (which used to be Josie's, which used to be Rachel's).

I had lots of trouble formatting this post. So, my apologies if it looks funny to you. Hopefully you can still see the photos and videos.