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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two-Day Breast Cancer Walk

So, this is a different kind of post coming from the We Four Bears Blog...

This morning my sister's mother-in-law passed away, her name was Diane. Her battle began with breast cancer, and ended sadly this morning mostly as a result of brain cancer. She was 70 years old. My sister and her husband Brook have been dating/married since I was 10, so I have known Brook and his mother Diane for 20 years. She was a wonderful woman, and a great MIL to my sister, and a great grammy to my 3 nephews.

In honor of Diane, my sister is participating in the 2 day San Francisco Avon Breast Cancer Walk in July. The required donation limit to participate is $1,800.00. I thought I would try and help my sister out by adding a link to my blog as well, because I know many of us are touched by this terrible cancer. Every dollar counts, so if I can help her collect just a little, it will be worth it.

We also have an aunt who successfully beat breast cancer 5 years ago, and is now fighting liver cancer. My sister will be walking for her as well, our Auntie Barbara.

If you'd like to donate to this special cause, please click on the link to the right titled Janel's Blog. Once you are on her blog, click on her link to the right which will take you to her personal Avon page. For some reason, I couldn't get her personal Avon page directly under my links.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Going to the coast!

On Saturday we headed to the coast. It was a beautiful day out, our mission was to see some elephant seals. We did see a couple. They were just as ugly as I remember them being back in the 7th grade when we visited them on a class field trip. Josie had a good time at the beach and running around with daddy.

This picture of the 2 of them looking down at daddy's sand writing is my favorite.

Josie put her baby girl on her head all by herself. She was giving baby girl "uppies", like daddy does to her. She is quite the mimicker.

With elephant seal.

If you are wondering what is with this large jacket Josie is wearing, Josie lately has wanted to wear what she wants to wear. This jacket was mine when I was little girl. It's probably like a size 4 or 5. My mom saved it, as well as some other clothes of mine for Josie. Anyway, Josie insisted on wearing it this day, and I decided it wasn't a battle I was willing to fight. No biggie, let her wear the big jacket. Besides, since it used to be mine, I was a little touched by the fact that she seemed to be drawn to it.

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Our little mommy!

I've been able to catch Josie in 'mommy mode'. She loves her "baby gil" (that's what she calls her). We bring baby girl many places now. You can see below, she likes to feed baby girl, and put her in everything babies are meant to go in. Recently, we've had to put baby girl in the highchair and scoot her up to the table, with a cup, mind you, so that all 4 of us were at the table.

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside, so Josie took baby for a walk in the stroller. Thank you Auntie Christina for Josie's red "Daddy's Little Angel" shirt. We like it on her.

Relaxing with baby and blanket.