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Monday, September 17, 2007

Pixie Playland

Josie and I went to Pixie Playland last weekend with her friend Alexis, and Alexis' mommy. Here is Josie on the carousel with grandma. Grandma stopped by for a few minutes, as she only lives a couple miles from Pixie Playland. This place is old. I used to go there as a small child, although all the old rides are gone now. The only existing one is the train, which has been redone.

Surprisingly Josie liked the teacups, which Anne DID spin around, but she did not like the carousel.
A big hit at Pixie Playland is the train. The train goes all the way around the park, which includes a small lake/pond with a ton of very people friendly ducks.

Josie on train.

These pictures are of a hairstyle daddy made during Josie's bath. It reminds me of Ace Ventura.


Our first bike race!

Jeff going UP grassy slope.

Josie and I went and watched our friend Jeff participate in a bike race this weekend. We had a good time and would definetly go again. The race was great because even though it was 7 miles long (I think), we got to see Jeff every few minutes, as the course was made up of 7 laps (again I think). I have a new respect for Jeff. These racers have to carry their bikes over obstacles, and also up a flight of stairs, not to mention ride it on gravel, sand and grass. Not something you'll ever catch me doing, but fun to watch nonetheless.

Me with the celebrity of the day!

Awesome picture of Jeff passing someone on the inside. This was taken by Benjamin, not me.

Josie feeding mommy a pickle at lunch. You know how we open our mouths when we are feeding children. Well, even toddlers do it, look at Josie. I guess it's just automatic.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend.....mostly Josie!

We had an eventful weekend. Our friends Karen and Benjamin were married in a beautiful wedding in Los Gatos, Josie went to her first A's game, and we also had some relaxing time at Grandma and Nonu's. I have uploaded pictures of this weekend to Shutterfly. Sorry, for those of you who are used to Kodak, but Shutterfly has better photo books, and since I am making Josie's book there, it is much easier. The link for our Shutterfly album is below. My favorites are right here though.
Eskimo kiss with daddy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGYJV6wTU2I Video of Josie and her cousin Jake. Jake was being extra nice to Josie yesterday. What a lucky girl she is to have such nice, fun older cousins!