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Monday, April 16, 2007


This weekend Alex and my dad worked their tails off. Saturday Alex finished removing all the cabinets. My friend Sharon and I were the loaders, we loaded all the rubbish (I like that word) into Alex's truck to be taken to the dumps. Alex then started working on the electrical. Saturday, Josie spent most of the day across the street at Grandma Laurie's house. We didn't want her around all the dust. Josie had a great time with Laurie, we are lucky to have such wonderful neighbors who are here for us when we need them. Laurie absolutely adores Josie. Sunday, my dad and Alex finished the electrical AND sheetrocked our kitchen. They worked hard, and I am very appreciative. Also on Sunday, my mom and I worked on the garage. Grandma also took Josie for a walk in that pink car. Below are many pictures of our progress this weekend.

Our new kitchen is completely sheetrocked now, including the pocket door in the picture above.
On a side note: Josie is drooling a ton, we think she is getting 3-4 teeth right now. A top one has definetly poked through, and another bottom one has poked through, leading us to believe that the other top one and bottom one are around the corner. She is constantly putting her tongue over towards the bottom of her mouth where there is no tooth showing yet. So, that's why we think at least 3 or 4 are coming. She hasn't handled it well. Sleeping through the night is a distant memory now, we hope it returns agains someday......SOON!


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