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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A big week!

Last weekend, Josie went to her first branding. That's right, she watched cows get branded. She liked listening to the cows mooing. We have some video of her laughing and squealing at the cows. In this picture is our friend Paul. Most of you have never met Paul, but have heard us mention him many times. Paul is the reason why Alex and I met. If it wasn't for Paul urging Alex to go out on May 6, 2000 to the Crazy Horse Saloon in Chico, Alex wouldn't have been there for me to meet. You can see we owe a lot to Paul! Alex and Paul have been friends since elementary school. Josie likes to examine Paul's bald head.

Today, April 1st, Josie wore jeans for the first time. I never could put her in jeans before because in my opinion (1) they automatically age a baby, which I don't like to do and (2) they don't seem comfortable for a baby to wear when they are just laying around. I probably feel this way because I never thought jeans were very comfortable myself. Now that she is crawling EVERYWHERE, it seemed the appropriate time for jeans. She follows us whereever we go in this house and she is proud to do so. When you turn around and acknowledge her being there, she looks up at you with a great big smile.
Below are a bunch of pictures from today. Josie in jeans, Josie riding in her pink car outside, Josie crawling through her learning toy, Josie sitting on her knees and Josie pulling herself to stand. More than once today she pulled herself up to a standing position. Getting stronger everyday.



  • At 6:45 AM, Blogger bee said…

    I never really thought about jeans "aging" babies but you have a point. But Josie looks so cute in them! Looks like mommy and daddy will have to buy her a horse soon! :)

  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger Bello Family said…

    You are so funy paula I love that you know the exact date you and alex met. So sweet. I also know the date Josh and I met but really it matters.

    On to more important things. Josie. I miss her she is getting so big so fast. She is almost 1. ahh. Where are pictures of your room?


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