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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lots going on here

Josie's First Easter basket. The Easter Bunny brought Josie some really cute books, her first toothbrush, some new cups and a whole bunch of eggs. Josie liked to touch the eggs together to hear them click.

Josie likes it when mommy or daddy look at her through the window or door in her little house. That little house is so cool, it does so much stuff. And when daddy or mommy opens the window it says "up", and then Josie closes it by herself and it says "down". Mommy likes to play with the toy herself.

I, a.k.a, mommy, was packing our kitchen up today and decided to try packing Josie up (sort of). I dragged her around in this box and she loved it. She also sat in this box to watch some of Baby Einstein, it really helped that it contained her and she liked it, allowing me to keep working.

Here are pictures of Alex and my dad unloading our new cabinets. Our new room addition is completely full of our new cabinets. Tomorrow, Alex will start to destuct our old kitchen. If anyone wants to release aggression, come over our house tomorrow afternoon and have at our old cabinets.


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