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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Look what I can do"!

Last night Josie and mommy slept at Grandma and Nonu's house. We desperately needed a break away from this construction site, or at least mommy did. Also we had to do laundry. We do not have a working washer at the moment. Anyway, while at Grandma's house, Josie pulled herself up 4 times. She sort of did this a couple times about a month ago, but now she is really doing it. You set her down and she pulls herself up in a matter of a couple seconds. Grandma, Nonu, daddy, mommy and adopted Grandma Laurie (across the street) are all very excited. We all had dinner over Grandma Laurie's house tonight, thank goodness!

Here is a picture of Josie standing up in her crib about 1.5 seconds after we put her down for bed tonight. Look how proud she is of herself. We are proud of her as well!



  • At 9:19 PM, Blogger bee said…

    this may be my favorite pic of her you've posted yet -- so cute and happy!
    way to go, josie! don't grow up too fast! :)
    p.s. -- love the colors in her room!

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Jewels & Cyrus said…

    I agree with B, she is too cute for words in this picture. I love how proud she looks!!!


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