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Monday, June 30, 2008

It just keeps getting better....

We have BIG news here again in our house, and this time it's for real! We are happy to announce that Josie hasn't worn a diaper during the day since Saturday, June 21st. She has been wearing one at night, but she has been waking up dry. This morning she woke up dry for the 3rd time, and immediately went pee-pee in the potty. Can you believe it? She also takes naps in her big girl underwear. At some point we will stop putting her in a diaper at night, but we are just not confident at this point, maybe after a week of dry diapers we will stop. We just took a family trip to Tahoe for a family wedding and Josie didn't pee her pants in the car at all. Halfway back home she did say she had to go potty and we stopped and she peed in her potty chair. It's been awesome! (we haven't mastered pooping in the potty yet, but we have gotten close a couple times). We tried potty training her about a month or so ago and it was miserable. Then last Sunday, the 22nd, we tried again, and it just happened, very easily. It was almost kind of weird how easy it was this time.

In other news, Dana completely rolls over. She can even get her arm out from under her. Josie rolled over at 5.5 months, Dana at just over 3 months. I am so surprised at the big difference, I didn't think there could be such a wide range for rolling over. Dana is very strong. She can hold up her own weight on her 2 feet. I remember when Josie was a baby I could leave her on our bed while I showered, because she never moved. Not so much with Dana, we can't leave this baby anywhere.

This picture of Dana laying on her tummy was taken after I laid her on her back....

Josie swinging, eating and riding next to her older cousins. Makes me kind of sad that my little girl is growing up. I am happy she has her cousins to play with, they are very good to her. Josh and Jake played well with her this weekend, and they always wanted to hold Dana. Josh is big enough that we don't have to worry about him holding her anymore so much. He was putting Dana above his head in the air, and she laughed and smiled. She is lucky to have them!

Other photos, us being silly with my cousins Laura and Larry at the Tahoe wedding. I think it's safe to say we were the "fun table".



  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger Marcy said…

    Yay Dana! It cracks me up to read the milestone averages in baby books, most of them have a range of a good 4-5 months or so when they might happen.


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