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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st vacation with "the girls"!

So, Alex and I decided to take advantage of me being on maternity leave and get on the road for a road trip with the girls. We took the opportunity to visit some of our friends. Chuck and Jennifer who live in Redding, and Amie and Ira (and her folks) who live in Vancouver, WA. Amie and I grew up living next door together and played everyday. We always brought her on family vacations with us, she was the one who helped me shave my legs for the first time, it's safe to say, we just shared an awful lot of good times together. It was great to see her, and it was funny that even though we drifted apart the last few years before she moved to WA, it was like no time had passed at all. Alex and I had a great time visiting with her and her husband Ira, and Josie and their daughter Hannah played very well together also. Talk about coming full circle. Our daughters are playing together, just like we used to. And, because Amie's mom saved many of Amie's old toys, the girls were playing with some of the same stuff we used to play with. It was so cool.

I love how Josie's pony tails prove how hard she was playing with Ira.

Josie helping to feed Dana.
These rhodedendrums (sp?) are everywhere up there, I thought they were beautiful.

Amie and Dana.

Beautiful falls in Oregon.
Kaleb, Dana and Josie on one of those 100 degree days we had. Kaleb lives up north, and we wish we could see him more often.

Uncle Chuck is very good at reading to the kids.


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