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Friday, May 16, 2008

A day at the park!

Joey with his newest cousin Dana. Out of habit, Joey still calls Josie "baby Josie", we are trying to retrain him.

Josie eating a popsicle with bestest neighbor Natalie. By looking at her face, I'd say she's not used to that kind of cold yet.

We went to Happy Hallow Park in San Jose this week. What a cute, but old place. Very similiar to Fairyland in Oakland. Anyway, Josie wasn't scared of the goats at all. One goat chewed on her dress twice. I wish I had it on video, because she pulled her dress from the goat, and then started shaking her finger at the goat while giving him a piece of her mind. She was going on and on to the goat, while laughing. She thought it was so funny. Of course it happened, after I turned the video camera off. Why, God Why?



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