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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our baby isn't a baby anymore.....

So, today, Sunday, Josie climbed out of her crib for the first time.
We thought she tried to climb out and then kind of fell out and probably scared herself out of doing it again. Because of this new event though, we tried to get her to nap in her big girl bed. No go! At bedtime tonight however, we tried to put her to bed in her big girl bed again, after 45 minutes, she was still trying to walk out of her room. So, since it's a work night we put her to bed in her crib again. Soon after we heard a LOUD THUMP. We ran in, and she was on her feet on the floor, screaming! OK, so I guess we are done with this crib thing. She has successfully fallen asleep in her big girl bed, and I was able to take the above picture. One more milestone to check off the list. The two milestones I was worried about on my maternity leave were potty training, and the transition to the big girl bed. It looks like we are on our way with the big girl bed transition. We will see how tomorrow's nap goes. The other picture is of Josie in August 2006, taking her first nap in the crib. Dana is already wearing the pajamas that Josie had on in that picture. I didn't think the time would go so quickly. Our little baby looks so cute in her new bed. It brings a tear to my eye though. She's NOT a baby anymore. My how time flies!

Josie went for a bike ride today, she loves her bike trailer.

This picture was captured by our friends Karen and Benjamin. I just love how they captured her in motion, with her pony tails.

Swinging in the WARM sunshine with Natalie.

Our big girl after her bath.



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