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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pictures from January.....

Lucky girl.....because Josie is a lucky girl and has 5 older cousins, she received a slide from her cousins Josh, Jake and Joey that they don't use anymore. She loves it, and seems to be pretty fearless on it.

She loves to push her 'baby' around.

Also loves to talk on the phone...she jabbers a lot, and says "nonu" on the phone.

A couple weekends ago Josie was invited to Wyatt and Samantha's birthday party. They had a jumphouse and Josie loved it. She loved to watch the kids jump, which in turn made her bounce. She tried to get up once or twice herself, but it was pretty difficult for her. You can see her almost standing up though in the pic on the left. She had a great time!


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