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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bee takes great pics!

Back in December we visited our friends Julia, Cyrus and Bee. Cyrus had a brand new fancy, schmancy camera, and Bee was having a good time taking pictures of Josie with it. I think most turned out great. Bee.....we might have to hire you to take some family photos of us outdoors this summer! Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures back from that day in December. Thanks to Cyrus, Bee and Julia.
I think we have a pretty happy child, what would you say?

Mommy's favorite picture!



  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger ThatBeeGirl said…

    you are too sweet to say such nice things! i'm hoping to invest in some new camera equipment, and hopefully soon, so maybe i'll be able to take you up on your offer!


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