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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kaleb and Josie reunite!

Back in December, Kaleb was one month old and Josie was 6 months old.

Now, Kaleb is 8 months old and Josie one year +.

Sunday we visited our friends Chuck and Jennifer and their baby boy Kaleb in Oakdale. Mark and Shawna came with us, and the boys (Chuck, Alex and Mark) had a good time being together again. The boys helped Art pick up a new buffalo to join his male buffalo already on the property. I thought this was interesting, me being a city girl and all, so I had to take a picture of the two buffalo together.
Josie and Kaleb played on this blanket together, and she tried to read him this book. :)


  • At 5:10 PM, Blogger ThatBeeGirl said…

    i had to read your entry twice -- BUFFALO! that's something you don't see everyday!


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