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Thursday, May 24, 2007

First steps....

No picture, I know, very sad. But, Josie has taken her first few steps alone. Tuesday night, mommy and daddy both watched as Josie walked from the kitchen cabinets to mommy, 2 steps not holding onto anything!
Later that night she also walked from daddy's tv tray to the couch, but she always had her hand on something while transferring. Then, yesterday (Wednesday) we were visiting our friend Karen and she took three steps from Karen's couch to mommy. I was being conservative and saying 2 steps, but Karen insists it was really 3 steps. Guess Josie and I will be heading to Stride Rite soon. I can't wait to get her fitted for her first pair of shoes, I just want to see what size she is. Little Josie doesn't have such little feet. They are a good 3/4 inch longer than Avery's feet (at daycare). Avery is 2 weeks older than Josie. Poor Josie, she has inherited mommy's feet. Should help her get balanced though. :)



  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger bee said…

    she's walking already?! soon she'll be asking to go to giants games!

    way to go, josie!


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